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Waltti is in town!

Waltti is a zone-based payment system which makes it easy to travel on buses. The payment system consists of single tickets; and either cash for value tickets or a 30-day travel pass loaded on your Waltti travel card.

Value tickets are cheaper than single tickets. If you travel daily by bus, it is worth getting a 30-day travel pass.

You can top up your card with any amount of cash, and the travel pass entitles you to unlimited travel for 30 days. 

You can get a Waltti travel card and either load cash on it or buy a travel pass for it at www.nettilataukset.waltti.fi/, the City Hall's Customer Service Centre Winkki or campus shop Aalef in Skinnarila. Students buy their cards at Aalef or Winkki, because they have to display a valid student card or certificate of enrolment.

The Waltti travel card costs €5.
The card may contain at the same time cash for Value tickets, a currently valid 30-day travel pass, and another 30-day travel pass that is not yet valid.

Tickets and fares

Off-peak fares apply to value tickets on weekends, mid-week holidays and weekdays after 17.30. Standard fares apply at other times.

Single and value tickets allow you to transfer to another bus for a period of one hour within the zone covered by the ticket. The time stamp printed on a single ticket indicates its validity. You will need to stamp your value ticket again when you transfer, but no value is subtracted within the one-hour period.

Single ticket



Value ticket


A value ticket can be used to pay for several passengers in the same age group or lower.
Let the driver know if you intend to pay for several passengers or travel outside the zones included on your card.

30-day travel pass

Passengers entitled to travel free of charge:

Passengers with prams or strollers are entitled to travel free of charge in the local public transport area.

Passengers requiring a walker are entitled to travel free of charge during off-peak hours and on weekdays between 9.00–14.00 in the local public transport area.

Under 7-year-olds travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult.


The Lappeenranta local public transport area is divided into four zones shown on the map: zones A, B, C and D.


Zone A covers the Lappeenranta local public transport area
Zone B covers Joutseno-Nuijamaa-Vainikkala-Pulsa
Zone C covers the Ylämaa area
Zone D is for travellers using tickets issued by the City of Lappeenranta on services between Lappeenranta-Joutseno-Imatra.      The Waltti system does not extend to Imatra.

All buses accepting Waltti tickets in payment are marked with an orange Waltti symbol on the windscreen.

As a rule, Waltti tickets are not accepted
• for school taxis and other subsidised taxi services (a fixed one-way charge of €5)
• for long-distance services driving through Lappeenranta
• for local services from locations other than Imatra (e.g. from Lemi or Savitaipale)
The Waltti ticket reform does not apply to serial and regional tickets purchased from Matkahuolto. These tickets can be used for travel in the Waltti area, as long as the specified mileage is sufficient for the travel zone. Tickets do not include the right to transfer to another bus.