Cycle around the city - 275 km of fantastic bicycle roads to pedal on!

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Lappeenranta Fortress

20140722_myllysaari_uimala_kj(11)250 (1).jpgThe ”old town” is known as the Fortress and to explore it by bike, ride along the main street, Kristiinankatu, all the way to the Vyborg Gate. On top of the fortress hill awaits a delightful array of museums, shops and cafés, and the oldest Orthodox church in Finland. Built in the 18th century, the Fortress is a valuable component of Finnish, Russian and Swedish cultural heritage. The idyllic view from its ramparts stretches over the Kaupunginlahti bay and Lake Saimaa.


Lappeenranta Harbour

In the summer, the harbour is a popular meeting place where you can relax on the boat deck terraces, watch the passing cruise ships and enjoy musical performances. The two Karelian versions of a meat pie, ”atomi” (atom) and ”vety” (hydrogen), are among the many local speciality foods on offer. The largest sandcastle in the Nordic countries is built annually on the tip of the harbour.



Myllysaari is a popular recreational area for the whole family. It has an
outdoor swimming pool with a diving tower, a sandy beach, a sauna by the
lake, a parkour track, volleyball courts, a canoe rental and the adventure
park Flowpark. The bicycle route leading to Myllysaari runs next to the silver
SchwabischHall5_250 (1).jpgwillow-lined road by the water, starting from the harbour.


Lappeenranta University of Technology

Lappeenranta is a university city for students of technology, engineering and business studies. Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences share a 8,000 student campus in the scenic Skinnarila promontory. Research at LUT’s internationally awarded Green Campus focuses on renewable energy. Follow the shore line to the campus from the centre.


Luukkaansalmi Bridge

The view driving up the Luukkaansalmi Bridge shows how active the ship and boat traffic is on Lake Saimaa, and the important role that forest industry plays in the city. The silhouettes of the wind turbines of Finland’s largest inland wind farm can also be seen in the horizon from the bridge.


The Saimaa Canal

Taking a cruise on Lake Saimaa and the Saimaa Canal attracts both local
residents and tourists. Beginning in Lappeenranta, the Saimaa Canal
stretches all the way to Vyborg, and a visa-free cruise is a convenient way to
visit Russia. The total length of the canal is 42.9 km, and it has eight locks.
200409 Saimaan kanava ja laiva 001b250 (1).jpgYou can stop and watch how the canal is operated near the locks at Malkia
and Mustola, and then continue cycling along the canal.


Travel Centre

Lappeenranta is accessible by all modes of transport. Whether you are travelling north or south, buses and trains arrive at and depart from the Lappeenranta Travel Centre.



Opened in 1918, Lappeenranta Airport is among the oldest airports in Finland. Located in the city centre, the airport has international flights and also provides facilities for flying clubs. The airport also houses the Karelia Aviation Museum.



South Karelia Central Hospital is a district hospital built in the 1960s. The Kahilaniemi nine-hole golf course and Myllysaari recreational area are located in the immediate vicinity of the hospital. 

Destinations outside Lappeenranta

Joutseno (20 km)

The versatile Rauha tourist region offers its visitors the magnificent nature of Lake Saimaa and the largest spa hotel in the Nordic countries, Holiday Club Saimaa. Activities include boating, fishing, floating, hang gliding, mountain biking, horseback riding and ATV riding. A wellmaintained 20-kilometre bicycle route runs through the centre of Joutseno and onwards to the Rauha area.

Vainikkala (27 km)

Lappeenranta shares 37 kilometres of border with our neighbouring country Russia. Both passenger and freight trains arrive at and depart from the Vainikkala border station. Vainikkala is a significant border crossing point. The distance between Lappeenranta and the scenic rural environment of Vainikkala is 27 kilometres.

Taipalsaari (15 km)

Taipalsaari is a municipality built on the shores of Lake Saimaa. The road leading away from Lappeenranta is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Finland (15 km in total), with parts of it offering a view of a lake on either side of the road. Half of the municipality’s area consists of the blue waters of Lake Saimaa, while the other half is made up of roughly 700 islands. In total, the municipality of Taipalsaari has an impressive 1,008 kilometres of shoreline.

Luumäki (38 km)

Luumaki is located 38 kilometres from Lappeenranta towards Helsinki. Even the slightest detour from highway 6 will be worth making. There are plenty of popular tourist destination nearby, such as the Taavetti Fortress, the Salpalinja defence line and the home of president P.E. Svinhufvud.