I study at Kimpinen Upper Secondary School

Absence Absence is only allowed with permission or in case of illness. The permission for a short absence (1-3 days) has to be applied for in writing from your group tutor before the absence. For a longer absence (over 3 days) the permission has to be applied for in writing from the principal at least one week before the absence.
  • Students must explain their absence for each course teacher during the next lesson
  • In case of illness (not later than on the 3rd day of absence), please inform your group tutor or study counsellor
If a student is absent more than 5 lessons (= a week), the course won’t be evaluated (the course mark is then K = course not completed).

Exam week

The study periods (1-5) end with a 6-day exam week. There are no lessons during the exam week, only each afternoon a revision lesson for the next day’s exam.

  • Attending the revision lesson is compulsory
The exams begin at 8 or 9 and finish at 12 daily and the revision lessons begin at 12.15. Normally, the exam is held at the same classroom as the lessons. The exam week timetable can de found on the school notice board.

In language courses and the courses with an English textbook, exchange students normally take an exam made for foreign students. Exchange students can also participate in course lessons and get a mark without taking the final course exam. However, this has to be discussed with the course teacher in advance.


The object of evaluation is to give you feedback on your studies.

Course evaluation is based on written exams, continuous assessment, lesson activity and homework.

The evaluation scale is 4 – 10, 4 = failed. Exchange students get an S (= passed) if they have participated in course lessons but haven’t taken the final course exam. S is normally given in those courses where English material can’t be used in the lessons. If a student has been absent too often or hasn’t done all the required course assignments, the course mark is either K (= course not completed) or ? (= course assignments not completed). The courses with marks K or ? aren’t included in the total number of courses taken.