Upper secondary school education


The City of Lappeenranta has 2 upper secondary schools (lukio in Finnish: Kimpinen and Lappeenrannan Lyseo) of which Kimpinen also offers adult education. These schools cooperate with other secondary level institutions and with higher level institutions and colleges.

Adult education offers a possibility to take entire upper secondary school courses, or various courses separately. The adult courses can also be taken online. Students in professional institutions can attend adult education courses and then complete a high school diploma. 

In Kimpinen high school students can emphasise physical education. A student can also choose expressive studies. The school already has a traditional secondary school theatre.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) degree can be completed in The South Karelian IB High School. It offers IB-education together with the high school in Imatra and the Lappeenrannan Lyseo. Teaching is conducted in English and the degree is equivalent to the Finnish undergraduate degree when applying to continuation studies.

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a preparatory program for international university. IB studies take up to three years. The first year is a preparatory degree program and the Finnish high school courses are taught in English. The next two years involve actual IB studies with six different courses. Three courses have an extended schedule and three are basic studies. An essential part of the studies is participation in the CAS-activities (art, physical education and voluntary work), Theory of Knowledge course and Extended Essay. In May of the third year students will study for final exams in their courses.