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Selecting a school

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The City of Lappeenranta assigns a school to all children of compulsory education age and who reside permanently in Lappeenranta. The primary school is determined by the child’s home address.

A student with special needs may be assigned a school elsewhere than their residencial area. Guardian opinions are always considered when deciding on a school for student with special needs.

The guardian can also look for schools in other areas. Applications for first class are addressed to the Head Master of the school area, to which the child is applying to. Other grades, applications are addressed to the Head Master of the school to which student will want to go.

For immigrant children whose Finnish language skills are poor, preparatory education is recommended prior to starting school. All immigrant children should contact the office of the Customer Service Center Winkki.

Students from other communities can apply to schools in Lappeenranta. Attendance can be granted if space is available.