Private day care

As an alternative for communal day care, parents can choose private day care either in a private day care home, or with a private family care provider. Private day care is supervised and supported by the City. Families can apply for and receive private care communal subsidy, paid directly to the provider of the services. Approval by the City is required.

The Application needs to be sent directly to the desired private day care centre. The Provider selects the children and decides on the fees.

The City of Lappeenranta has made an agreement to acquire day care services from private day care centres. Application to these centres is included in the communal day care application form. Decisions are made by the instructor.

The communal day care fee is charged for private day care services. The activities are comparable to communal day care.

The City of Lappeenranta collaborates with about 30 private day care providers. Families can purchase services directly from the provider and pay part of the fee by applying for communal private care subsidies and a home care subsidy.