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Building and renovation permits

The city's Building Supervision Services check the licence requirements for building projects and handle building permits. If you are planning a new building or a renovation, an expansion or the demolition of an existing building or other construction works, contact the Building Supervision Services at the earliest possible stage.

Building permits are mainly applied for online or by filling in an application form that can be printed out from the city's website at

http://www.lappeenranta.fi/fi/Palvelut/Rakentaminen-ja-maankaytto/Rakentaminen/Rakennusvalvonta/Luvan-hakeminen (in Finnish only).

or from the office of the Building Supervision Services. The documents required for the granting of permits depend on the construction project in question.

Building supervision is performed by the public authorities. Their responsibilities include decisions on and the supervision and steering of permit matters.

Building code (in Finnish only)

Construction guide for small houses 2015–2016: (in Finnish only)